“A critical part of our business relies on our customers being able to access our EDI website to place orders and generate their consignment notes. Prior to using GO365 when our servers were in our office, the system would go down a couple of times a week either due to power or internet outages which caused interruptions and headaches for our business and customers as they were not able to place their orders which meant no income for us. Now that our system in hosted by GO365 which uses the Microsoft Azure cloud and Office 365, these interruptions are in the past and the system is always available 24x7x365 means I can sleep better at night.

We have also achieved significant cost benefits in not having to run our own hardware and now no longer need an IT department. In fact to achieve the same level of reliability, security and backup that GO365 provides, we would have to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on IT infrastructure, now we get all the benefits without the huge cost.  GO365 has helped save time and money as we are able to easily deploy new depots using thin client terminals and laptops with just an internet connection.

I can highly recommend GO365 to any business looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution for their IT needs.”

Tony, Director

“GO365 have been our preferred cloud server hosting provider since 2014. By going through their hosted server portal it has helped to operate our IT more efficiently, saving us costly server hardware and allowing us to access the system from any device anywhere with an internet connection. Because the IT support we receive is accessed remotely, problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently and allows for less down time and disruption to our services. In the five years we have been supported by GO365, all our IT problems have always been solved with professionalism, knowledge and in a timely manner.

We have been extremely satisfied with the professional hosting and support from GO365 and would not hesitate to recommend them as IT support to anyone.”

Lisa, Accounts/Admin Officer

“Throughout the years of having GO365 supporting us has allowed for smooth operation of our business activities.  Mark and the team are great and have been able to provide solutions as our business needs have changed.  They have been proactive, responsive and reliable and having this team on our side has taken away a lot of stress that would have otherwise crippled our business activities. When there has been internet interruptions or hardware and software malfunctions the GO365 team has always been available to help us through the IT challenges. This has been very valuable given the nature of our work.   In this new age we are all heavily reliant on technology and to be able to have someone that can help effectively and efficiently is priceless.

Mahsa and Marco, Kiss Finance

“Being a development and construction company, our team often changes site office location based on projects under construction. With GO365 we don’t have any fixed server equipment which makes relocating simple and easy without any down time.  Having the ability to access all our documentation and plans from any device while on the go allows us to make decisions on the spot and operate more efficiently. This also comes in handy when travelling or working from home as you can logon using any web browser without experiencing lags when accessing files or programs. GO365 is user friendly and the interface looks exactly like a traditional inhouse server but doesn’t come with the need for a server room or the hefty setup costs.”

Nicole, Development Manager