The company started in 2010 when we built our own server hosting infrastructure located in a Perth based datacentre.  The server infrastructure was setup to host ‘on the cloud’ our own GO Business Enterprise Management Software which is a modern and powerful application using Microsoft SQL Server databases and Access front end.    The hosted environment operated on high-end server and storage equipment with the latest Microsoft Windows Server and Office software and technology.

After successfully running GO Business on our private cloud we realised an opportunity to offer our customers other hosting services such as Virtual Private Servers, Hosted Exchange email, hosted documents and Remote Desktop Services to provide a complete cloud solution. As a result, GO Data Centre was formed in 2012 to provide these hosting services to our existing and new customers.

We expanded our cloud infrastructure into a second Perth based data centre as a disaster recovery site. Each component of the data centres and our private cloud was duplicated within each data centre and replicated between data centres to ensure high availability and off-site backup in the event of server, internet or data centre failure.

Our Story

In 2013 GO Business expanded to Asia so we were faced with needing to setup another data centre site with more server equipment to service our customers there.

Around the same time the Microsoft Azure public cloud which was announced in 2008 evolved from a primarily web hosting service to providing infrastructure as a service including virtual machines and networking. This meant that virtual private servers and storage could be hosted on their global infrastructure.

We trialed Azure as an alternative solution to setting up our own server equipment in China and setup virtual servers in the Asia data centre region of the Microsoft Azure cloud to extend the GO Business environment between Australia to China.

This was a great success and meant we did not have to invest in setting up costly server hardware in Asia or travel there to perform the installation and setup. In fact setting up the hosted virtual servers on Microsoft Azure literally took only a few days and instantly GO Business was running out of Asia servicing customers there.

After the success of using the Microsoft Azure public cloud for GO Business Asia we looked at using the platform for our GO Data Centre customers in Australia. However, the challenge at the time was there were no Microsoft data centres located in Australia therefore data sovereignty with having our customers data outside of the country prevented this being an ideal solution.

We approached our Microsoft licensing distributor NewLease (rhipe) which provided us with SPLA (Service Provider Licensing Agreement) licenses needed for our private cloud infrastructure to find out when we were going to be able to resell Azure and Office 365 to our customers.

During this time Microsoft opened two data centre regions within Australia and released the CSP (Cloud Services Provider) partner program with rhipe becoming one of the first distributors for Australia.   This allowed us to resell Microsoft’s cloud as a hosting platform for our customers as part of our managed services.

As a result we quickly realised the benefits and began migrating our customers from our private cloud to Azure and Office 365 to replace our own server infrastructure.

To better reflect our services which focused on Office 365 and Azure, the company trading name was changed to GO365.

Our Story